How To Terminate A Property Management Contract?

Signing a property management contract is a useful tool if you own a real estate and you need help managing it. Besides, this contract can help you in case you manage someone else’s property as an independent contractor. Signing a property management contract will protect the owner or the independent contractor. However, sometimes the property owner is not satisfied with the results and he wants to terminate the contract. This has to be done in accordance with the terms for contract termination, included in the property management contract. Visit to read 4 mistakes that most home sellers make.Here are some useful tips for the owners who want to terminate their property management contract:

Check The Terms For Contract Termination

The terms for contract termination contain provisions regarding the termination, which the owner has to take into account before deciding to end the contract. Also, after you decide to end the contract, you need to meet the requirements imposed by the termination provisions so that the termination request can be honored.Click here to read more information about terminating tenancy contract.

Give Notice

When giving the notice, the owner has to have in mind the provisions related to the notice. How many days in advance one has to give the notice to the property management company in Columbia SC? Some contracts provide 30 days notice, 60 days or 90 days and it is important to comply with the provisions.

How To Terminate A Property Management Contract?

Written Notice

You should have a proof of sending the written notice and request the return receipt so in case of dispute you will be able to prove that the property management company received the notice. The notice should contain the date of contract termination.

It Is Not Personal

“It’s not personal. It’s just business.” Yes, this is a quote from Godfather. Don’t let the personal relation to the manager get in way of your business interest. If the manager’s results are poor, it is time to end the relationship.

Intentional Violation

In case the property management company in Columbia SC violates the terms of the contract, that is the right time to end it. It is difficult to regain trust in the property manager who once worked against the owner’s best interest.


Even if the contract provides the early termination, the owner should check if there are costs related thereto. Property Management Company will lose some money in case of early termination and therefore he/she will want to protect his interests. The best way to do it is to impose a large amount for the owner to pay, so the owner would be deterred from terminating the contract too soon.


Signing a property management contract not requiring the cause for ending the contract is a convenient option for the property owners. Nevertheless, if the contract already requires the cause for terminating the contract, the owner has to provide the reason. An owner who tries to terminate the contract without a (valid) reason, can be held liable for breach of contract. Therefore, before signing this type of contract the owner should consider the option of omitting the cause for termination since it would be favorable to him later on.

If you take into account these facts, you will avoid unpleasant situations with your Columbia SC property management company in Columbia SC in case of (early) contract termination.

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